Couple donates flowers after Hurricane Matthew cancels their wedding

The the midst of the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew last week it is encouraging to hear do good, heartwarming stories arise. Elizabeth and Andrew are one such couple doing good after Hurricane Matthew canceled their October 8th wedding, set to take place in Charleston, SC.

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According to NBC Charlotte, “They were supposed to get married, in Charleston, but Hurricane Matthew had a different plan in mind. The wedding was cancelled, leaving the couple with a big question on their mind.”

“What were they supposed to do with all of those wedding flowers? They decided to give back.”

“Elizabeth and Andrew came to Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill. Their special day turned into something even more. Flower deliveries for patients who were transferred from coastal-area hospitals, new mothers, and patients undergoing cancer treatment. They were handed out the day before Elizabeth and Andrew’s original wedding day.”

Couples donates flowers after Hurricane Matthew cancels their wedding

The Charlotte Observer further elaborated on the story saying, “When Hurricane Matthew disrupted the long-planned Charleston wedding of Andrew Matuskowitz and Elizabeth Gilbert last Saturday, the couple set a new date but were left with boxes of 250 fresh flowers.”

“Within two days, their anguish over the delay melted into tears of thanks – and a sort of wedding gift – for them and the patients in a Rock Hill hospital.”

“The flowers were delivered 30 minutes before the couple was forced to evacuate Charleston last Wednesday. They drove to Charlotte to stay with Matuskowitz’s sister. Then they wondered what to do with all those flowers.”

“The answer came readily enough. Matuskowitz, 33, is an emergency-room doctor. Gilbert, 34, just finished her doctorate in psychology and starts a new job Monday at a research center on substance abuse disorders.”

“‘It would be something good we could do for patients,’ Gilbert said, ‘and good for us after something that was kind of sad.'”

“Googling local hospitals landed them at the door of Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, which welcomed their gift and sorted the flowers into bouquets.”

“On Thursday, Piedmont asked the couple back to help distribute the flowers. Room to room they went, visiting patients who had been transferred from coastal hospitals, cancer patients and new moms.”

“‘Everybody has been so nice to be around,’ Gilbert said. ‘Giving out those flowers made me feel happy for the first time in several days.'”

Isn’t it so heartwarming to hear about couples turning tragedy into love?

If you would like to help support disaster relief efforts, such as aid for Hurricane Matthew victims, especially those in Haiti, consider supporting Mission of Hope or H.E.A.L. Haiti  through your The Good Beginning registry! 

Story sources: NBC CharlotteCharlotte Observer
Images: NBC Charlotte, Steve Steinhardt 
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