At Kari and Elan’s Carmel wedding, more than anything, they wanted to be sure the day was kind to Mother Nature. One of their top design directives was to create a tablescape inspired by the Big Sur landscape. The catch: After the wedding they wanted repurpose and replant every detail in the garden they were building in the backyard of their home.

Lila B. Design, a florist and landscape designer, knew exactly what to do. Once Beth Helmstetter developed the entire design concept including textiles, flatware, lighting and the like, Lila started pulling together ideas of plants that would survive the night as well as live a long time in a Los Angeles garden.

The end result was a lush tablescape of islands of locally grown plants. For sustainability, the plants were styled with their roots securely in place. And to ensure the table was as beautiful as it was eco friendly, the roots and soil were covered in mood moss. After the wedding each plant was repotted in a temporary container for the road trip back to Los Angeles where they would find their permanent home.


Not only do we love the idea of loving on the Earth during your wedding day, but how great is it that they get to watch the plants from their wedding day grow throughout the years. Just so good all around.

All the beautiful images are by Milou + Olin Photography.

Have a wedding idea that gives back or simply just does the world good? Email us at We want to hear all about it!



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