Give Back: Shop Good Sunday and Giving Tuesday

We are SO excited to be collaborating with Claire Pettibone of Simply B! Her business is dedicated to making your life simply better while being fun and stylish along the way. Stay tuned for future postings from Claire that are made for conscious couples just like you!

This isn’t your usual Thanksgiving weekend post from a brand. Yes, we are thankful for you and your giving hearts. But no, we are not here to talk about some crazy discount and if you don’t act now you’ll miss out.

As a reader here at The Good Beginning we know that you are conscious and intentional not just in your everyday but in your big moments like your wedding and we are so thankful for people like you in the world.

That’s why we want to touch upon Shop for Good Sunday and Giving Tuesday, the days following Black Friday. These days are less commercialized but exactly what the conscious consumers like you want.

Shop for Good Sunday is about purchasing with a purpose. Supporting brands who are using business as a force for good. It’s all the social enterprises, socially responsible brands, the fair trade, ethically made, the triple bottom line folks who are passionate about making a positive impact with their business.

DoneGood is the brainchild for Shop for Good Sunday they offer an easy free chrome extension you can install as you do your online shopping. As you are searching online, they give you “good” alternatives and sometimes even a discount code on the top right of the screen.

There are also curated marketplaces that help you find do-good brands like The Little Market, Gifts for Good, Society B and Makers + Goods.

There are also websites that cover these do-good brands like Cause Artist, The Good Trade and us over at the Simply B.

Giving Tuesday is for the nonprofits and sometimes the unsung heroes. The ones who are putting in the work for a higher purpose without sometimes a reward.

As a consumer, you can donate yourself to a cause that speaks to you but there are also brands that collaborate with nonprofits, so if you end up purchasing or doing something they will in turn give to a partner nonprofit. A win-win.

There are brands doing awesome things with the consulting business Defining Good that put together a collaborative, so that nonprofits and for-profits can come together for Giving Tuesday.

Rachel Parker-Chavez, founder at Defining Good highlights some of her clients like The Roc Shop (they sell “badass” partyware) that for every purchase they will donate 20% to their nonprofit partner The David’s Harp Foundation that equip the homeless and at-risk youth through the power of music and multimedia production.

You can get a awesome cake toppers for your wedding and empower the homeless. How rad is that?!

This all just validates the power we have as consumers. That we can make a difference by simply being thoughtful on the brands we purchase from.

There are so many options out there for both Shop for Good Sunday and Giving Tuesday and we know that if you are here you don’t just do it one day out of the year, so we are thankful for you and your giving hearts but it’s also an excuse to bring awareness to a certain cause or celebrate all the purpose filled brands out there, the entrepreneurs with a big heart and the changemakers building a business that makes the world better.

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