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Dating in the beginning days might have been getting to know each other but strong couples know you continue to date long after you say, “I do.” It’s about taking time for each other and re-connecting with shared experiences. Here is an ideal weekend idea to spend with your bae.

Saturday is all about new adventures.

As a couple, you may already have your go-to’s. Like the default eating out place or the spot you always hang out. This sounds simple enough, but just try something new. No we are not talking about something new like skydiving but something as simple as a new restaurant. Getting out of your comfort zone heightens your senses and when you do it with someone you love, it elevates the experience.


Just try a new place or a new culture.  Even just going to the neighboring city or town away opens up a whole wide range of places to try.

When you go to a new place, you end up seeing new roads and new landmarks you haven’t seen before. It’s all part of the experience and who knows you might see something that strikes your fancy and spontaneously stop and experience something totally new like a Japanese/Indian fusion spot or that Italian squid ink pasta you’ve read one time.

As a conscious couple, you are most likely open-minded to cultures different than your own so might as well open your palettes too.


Since you are a conscious couple, we are pretty sure you have some respect for mother nature and all her glory. So let’s go out and enjoy all she has to offer and explore.

If you’re the hiking type, try a whole different location even if it’s two towns away. And if there isn’t anything really new around you then do your usual hike backward or rent mountain bikes and do the route on a bike. It’s really just doing something different.

Or how about putting two different activities together like hiking and yoga? Go on your usual hike but do yoga together in the middle of it at a lookout point. Sun salutation will have a whole new meaning when done in the outdoors and literally towards the sun.


Visit a bookstore or library as a couple. Stroll all the aisles together. Even if you’re not much a crime thriller reader, check out that aisle together and maybe you’ll share a laugh about a corny title or a funny looking front cover.

As you are checking things out, you might even find a book series you loved growing up and it sparks a conversation about your upbringing or stories you yet haven’t heard about each other.

You can also choose a book for each other you think the other person would like and go to a coffee shop and just be in each other’s presence and read and share your new findings with one another.


Volunteer together. Volunteer at a local food shelter or at a children’s center. All sorts of things could happen.

Not only will you two have a newfound appreciation of all your current blessings, you might meet new friends like fellow volunteers.

You and your bae can share your thoughts afterward over drinks or on the couch, like how you didn’t realize how hard it was to be on your feet all day passing out soup or how little Johnny had the best laugh.

Sunday is all about the slow life.

Especially if you were adventuring it out the day before with your new experiences, Sunday can be more relaxing.
For others, Sundays might be for family time, for worship, for football or prep day for the week but no matter what you do, it’s all in a consciously slow manner.
After sleeping in and breakfast in bed, a trip to the farmers market sounds about right, followed by eating lunch outdoors, a much-needed nap and cooking Sunday dinner together at home to finish off the weekend together.
We chose the farmers market on purpose for the big trip of the day for the conscious couple because farmers markets are made up of local artisans and local farmers. So you are supporting small businesses when you purchase there.  While you are there you can shop for lunch and dinner in mind. A nice picnic with your new homemade hummus and artisan made pita chips you just got at the farmer’s market for lunch and your new farm fresh veggies can be included in your soup you cook together at home with for dinner.  
Weekends like these can get our work weeks off on the right foot. So cheers to weekends with loved ones for new adventures, shared experiences and being in each other’s presence.
PHOTO CREDIT: Brooke Cagle | Sabina Ciesielska | MadbyteThought Catalog
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