Oued_Zem_Rug_2_1024x1024Whether you are designing your first place together or redesigning your long time home – I’m a firm believer that one should put much time, thought and consideration into their space. I’ve been updating my space recently and am having a  blast scouring the goods of ethically sourced shops that are on trend!  I never imagined I would be able to shop goods that give back at the same time! As I design my new space, I thought I could inspire a few of you conscious couples out there as well. Today, I’m starting a series on some of my favorite pieces out there, starting with the base of the room, the rugs!


Kera Thompson of Interwoven is one of the coolest, most interesting and funny people I’ve ever met! The best part is, I was a customer/admirer of her work first! Interwoven is an online shop bringing one of a kind textiles from around the world to our front doors.  I want them all – but so does everyone else, which is why this gorgeous Saeed Rug sold out within minutes of her adding it!


Kera is all about scouring the world to find beautiful textiles that support local artisans in villages all over the planet. Here’s what she has to say about her process:

I believe in sourcing beautiful, exquisitely made pieces from all over the globe that each have their own story to tell. I believe in making every effort to ensure that your purchase is helping to empower the talented craftspeople, artisans, and designers I work with.

From my travels and experiences as a designer, mother, and model, I have realized how interwoven we are as a world community, and cherish the beauty that comes as we become aware and embrace the good around us. Each piece in my collection is just a small reflection of that beauty.


Beautiful, kind and sourced with dignity…Win/win/win.

Join me next week where I’ll be sharing my favorite accents for your coffee tables, book cases or fireplaces.






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