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Ah, don’t you just love blankets! Perfect for snuggling, picnics, beach bonfires or even just accenting your pretty new home. But one thing I love more than just a cuddle worthy blanket, is one that also helps our fellow humans out. Enter Sackcloth and Ashes, a company dedicated to serving the homeless population with their buy one, give one policy on every blanket purchased.

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Founder, Bob Dalton, is the son of a single mother who found herself homeless. Because of his mother’s story, Bob realized that not all choose to become homeless – that some just need a second chance. He began to call homeless shelters in his area to ask what they needed. They all said blankets. That’s when he founded Sackcloth & Ashes.

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Whether you’re into fleece, alpaca, or something for your outdoor excursions, these lil beauties are the perfect gift or accent to your lifestyle. And, given they are all made in the US, you can not only feel good about giving back, but also know you are enjoying ethically made goodness. Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.26.08 PM





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