The pressure. The lines. The wait. The hype. Reasons that going out to dinner the night of Valentine’s can sometimes feel well, not worth it.

Celebrating your love on the day of love is sweet and a nice opportunity to appreciate each other.  Sometimes though the crowds or life can just get in the way so if you can’t celebrate the day or night of, then making a point to do something together is what it’s really about.

Here are some thoughtful ways to celebrate love that doesn’t require having had made those reservations 2 weeks ago.


A pizza-making contest, of course. Stock up on some fun toppings and your favorite recipe (if you want to be a bit animal friendly while you’re at it, check out this deliciousness courtesy of Minimalist Baker). Make it a night of staying in and see who can make the best heart shaped pizza. The winner gets as many Valentine’s kisses as their little heart desires!

For the basics, check out Brandless– which has everything from olive oil to pizza sauce and more at about $3 each with a mission to do good. Every time you order from them they will then donate a meal to those who face hunger through their nonprofit partner, Feeding America. What could be better?!


Your gym membership has a ton of classes you’ve probably haven’t taken. Choose one for both of you to attend whether it’s yoga, spin or zumba it will be a fun experience.  And afterwards you can enjoy the gym sauna together. If you can indulge, a couple’s massage would be even better afterwards for all those muscles you worked out. To incorporate a little love for the world into the mix, consider getting your someone a little gift from prAna, whose activewear is not only amazing, but sustainably made and making an impact on the world. With a percentage of each sale going to support several local and national charities (read more here…), you can certainly share the love while pampering your someone.


Deadlines, work, chores? We get it life is busy, but you can use Valentine’s as an excuse to get away from the busyness of life and just be – with each other that is.

Purposeful fresh air and intentionally taking a break is maybe what the doctor ordered for you busy-bodies. Just taking a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood is a nice way to circle back with your other half. If where you live allows it, a walk on the beach, or park or anywhere outdoorsy is a definite plus. Nature has a way of being a quick natural pick-me-up as well as reminds you what we are all fighting so hard to protect.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there! We won’t be seeing you at the restaurants 😉


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