15 Quirky Wedding Invitations To Inspire You

Your invitation is likely to be the first thing that gives guests a hint about the theme or feel for your big day will have – so it makes sense that it should be unique to you. Whether you’re going for a traditional ceremony – or something completely off-beat, there’s a world of wedding invitations that’ll reflect you and your other half perfectly! We’ve covered 15 of the most quirky invitation ideas here to stir up a little inspiration!

Laser-cut Paper

If you want a striking design, having your invitations laser-cut from colored paper is sure to make an impression.

If you’re a crafter, you might like to try your hand at creating this kind of invitation yourself, using a die-cutting and embossing machine – but be warned, it’s an expert-level job to take on! For immaculate results, talking to a company who can provide laser-cut designs is likely to save you a lot of hard work! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Paper Airplanes

Did you and your loved one meet on a faraway shore? Or perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time traveling together before you decided to tie the knot? Either way, an invitation that folds up into a working paper plane is certain to bring a smile to the faces of your potential guests. (via Etsy)

Film Buffs

Perhaps you fancy yourselves as stars of the silver screen? Then again, perhaps you’re just happiest when you’re snuggled up on the sofa together in front of a movie?! If either of these sound like they could be you and the person you love, having your own movie cinema tickets that double up as invitations might be right for you. The RSVP can be torn off and returned to the ticket collectors! (via Pinterest)

Movie Mania

If cinema tickets don’t quite do your love for movies the justice it deserves, why not consider having a design guru insert you and your loved on into your favorite movie poster?! Whether you go for out and out romance, or something a little more personally memorable, it’ll be unmistakably you! (via Pinterest)

Love Timeline

You know the special times that you and your loved one have spent together – but your guests might not, so why not create a timeline that maps out your relationship – beginning with how you met – and culminating in your big day! Your timeline can be created with pictures, illustrations, maps, dates and lots more – before inviting your guests to be part of the next chapter you’ll create together. (via Pinterest)

Overseas Ceremony

Tying the knot in another country might be a daydream for many people – but if it’s what you’re planning on doing, perhaps passport themed invitations will be the thing you need to get your guests excited! Whether you’re looking for an authentic looking booklet – or just something that makes people think of jetting off somewhere else, you’ll find a company who will create something that’s perfect for you. (via Minted)


If your wedding’s going to have a very traditional or vintage theme, then having your invitation printed or stitched into beautiful delicate handkerchiefs might be exactly right for you. They’re sure to come in handy on the big day too – or provide an everlasting memento for your guests to treasure. (via Etsy)


If you don’t take yourselves too seriously, why not have someone with drawing skill recreate you for playful caricature invitations?! A designer could go wild with ideas that put the cartoon versions of you and your other half (as well as children, family members, pets or anyone else you can think of!) into a variety of weird and wonderful situations for your guests to enjoy when they receive your invitations. (via Etsy)


Sometimes, beautiful text is enough to set an invitation apart from all others and create a classy tone for your big day. You might be able to find an attractive typeface that fits the bill, then again, you might want to track someone down who can provide the real deal. Calligraphy is a timeless way to make anything written look out of the world – and it might set the perfect tone for your day. (via Shine Wedding Invitations)

Go Digital

If you’re a couple with digital roles – or even digital relationship roots, creating a website or blog that’s all about your wedding might be the way to invite people along! Why not send a mysterious QR code through the post that directs a person to your site?! You could even create personal pages for everyone you invite! (via Gift Registry)


If you’re a couple who spend their entire life showing others what you’re doing on Instragram, why not have some invitations made that replicate a perfect picture of the pair of you – with text underneath that asks people along to your big day?! You might even want to make the RSVP an indication of whether your potential guests ‘like’ your post or not! (via Kards)

Natural Wood

There’s an increasing trend toward creating stunning engraved wooden invitations for your guests. They’re unlikely to be the most cost-effective option, but they’ll stand out above virtually any other invitation out there – and are perfect if you want to set the tone for a rustic ceremony or if you’re having your big day in a traditional converted chapel. (via Raspberry Creative)

Festival Posters

If you’re avid music fans or festival goers, then having your own festival poster that offers people a wedding day line-up could be a magical idea! You’ll be headlining of course – but you can add details of anything else that’ll be happening through the day, from the locations to the playlist! (via Wedfest)

Tea Towels

Are you a couple united by your love of the kitchen and a host of wonderful recipes you create within?! If so, your wedding will be unmistakably yours if your invitations are printed on full size tea towels and sent to potential guests! (via The Brides Tee)


You don’t have to have a traditional Japanese ceremony for origami to play a part. You’ll need to practice – but your invitations could be expertly folded to create anything from birds and animals to flowers or hearts – then boxed and sent, ready to be unfolded when they reach their destination! You might want to include a non-folded version too – for those people who just can’t bring themselves to undo your beautiful work! (via Bored Panda)

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