We’re excited to have Katherine Hoggard of Events by Katherine talking about an organization that’s both near and dear to her heart but also more than worthy of registry support. Keep reading to learn all about RH Foster Teen Ministry, a faith based organization based in Costa Mesa, California.

By: Katherine Hoggard of Events by Katherine

Have you ever felt very strongly that you were supposed to be part of something?  Maybe it was when you first fell in love with your fiancé.  Maybe it’s when you discovered your passion, your hobby, your career.

When I first heard about the RH Foster Teen Ministry, I knew in a hot second I was supposed to be part of it.  I could feel it strongly in my heart and mind – something pulling me towards being part of something meaningful.  There was no doubt that I was supposed to get involved.

I first volunteered as a counselor for a summer Foster Teen Camp.  We had some training and preparation, and met these teenagers on a Friday morning.  Everyone turned off their cell phones and headed up to the mountains for the weekend.  Camp activities included team challenges and high ropes courses, with many opportunities to work on communication, leadership skills and thinking outside the box.

Many foster youth experience awful situations beyond their control.  The camp theme of “Identity” spurred a lot of conversations about how our identities don’t have to be shaped by bad things that have happened to us in our past.  From climbing high heights to trying things outside their comfort zone, I watched many teenagers pushed past fears, limits and negativity to accomplish great things.  Some teens shared about their lives and past wounds, and there were beautiful moments of encouragement, prayer and emotional healing.  

For me it was an amazing and emotional weekend.  I was ecstatic to see many teenagers push past limits and fears, and see them flying high over their accomplishments.  As they shared some bad stuff from their past and present situations I wanted to cry and bring them home to a loving family environment.  

Since that weekend I have become involved in this Ministry regularly, participating in monthly events such as back-to-school resources, creative arts and holiday celebrations.  It is great to continue relationships with these amazing teens and be an encouragement in their lives as they face challenges and transition to adulthood.

This weekend can be life changing for a Foster Teen. You can help send someone to camp by donating here. Alternatively you can add this support this initiative through your registering or learn more here. 


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