We love a wedding vendor that puts his money where his mouth is and also supports an organization that builds the future of his industry. I don’t know about you but when someone commits upfront to giving 10% of their income to an organization they believe in, I can’t help but love them that much more. Enter Scott Cummings Music. An entertainment company out of Southern California that generously gives to Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), a music development program for underserved youth in the Rampart district of Los Angeles. Here’s a little bit more about why HOLA, the impact they make and why you might want to bring a little music to a child’s life with your wedding:

Why Heart of Los Angeles?

Music is a passion that has allowed all of our musicians to pursue careers that not only move them but also inspire them. We want to spread that kind of passion to the youth of LA. After Scott moved to the LA area, he took a position at HOLA as a music tutor. After years of tutoring and watching his students grow musically and continue to fall in love with music, he decided to take his involvement a little further. With our small donation, the music program can touch the loves of all those involved.

What is HOLA?

HOLA started in 1989 when Mitchel Moore noticed that the Ramparts District was becoming more and more dangerous and crime laden. Neighborhoods were being filled with gang violence and crime and kids had no safe places to go or positive role models to look up to. So what started out as a simple basketball game in an old dilapidated gym located in the back of a local church has now grown into a four building campus serving more than 2,300 kids each year through structured and exceptional academic, arts and athletic programs. HOLA’s campus, located in and around Lafayette Park, is a home away from home for thousands of kids. They know that they will get the help they need from HOLA’s professional staff and highly talented volunteers. Through HOLA’s comprehensive programs, the youth are exposed to a wide array of experts including artists, executives, chefs, athletes, engineers and counselors who truly commit themselves to providing programs of the highest quality, giving kids the best chance to become successful in life. To learn more about HOLA click here.

HOLA’s Music Program

HOLA has partnered with the Los Angeles Philharmonic to provide orchestral music and academic tutoring through The Youth Orchestra (YOLA) and serves nearly 250 local youth where they earn musicianship, music theory, composition, improvisation and music history. YOLA at HOLA and the LA Philharmonic share program design, management and financial responsibilities for the program.

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HOLA’s rock band, Project 11 is comprised of 14 middle and high school students. They have performed throughout LA and perform original songs written by band members as well as classic rock and roll tunes. Then there is HOLA’s Big Band, where students learn jazz and salsa standards, improvisation and jazz theory. For youths not in the instrumental programs and all students in YOLA, there is the HOLA choir. The choir program is 240 strong and is now in its 5th year. They perform regularly with YOLA at HOLA.


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