StopGoLove x The Good Beginning

Founded by Jared Haskell and Jason McCutchen, StopGoLove is a collection of wedding photographers and film makers based in New England. This holiday season, for each couple that books a photo and film combo package, StopGoLove will be generously donating $500 to the charity of their choice through The Good Beginning. We are thankful and thrilled to be collaborating with the team at StopGoLove – read their story here.


“A good story often starts with a good beginning. It’s what what draws you in. It quickly exposes a character’s personality and motives. A good beginning often launches the audience into a story that is often bigger than that of it’s characters. They’re often presented with insurmountable odds and forced to accomplish feats our that our little heroes never thought they could accomplish. A good story often all starts with a good beginning.


When Jason and I started StopGoLove in 2010 it was really just an excuse to max out our credit cards to buy some of the coolest cameras on the market. Hardly the best of beginnings. One of our first jobs was interviewing victims of kidney failure for a charity called the National Kidney Foundation. I can remember thinking how interesting it was that these people’s kidney failure often drew their families closer together as opposed to tearing them apart. I was hooked on the artform of story.


It made me think of story as a way of life. How could I tell a good story personally? How could our small company tell a good story collectively? At StopGoLove I’m honored to work with some super talented people however, I think their hearts are perhaps even bigger than the size of their skill or know how. It’s not like we planned it that way, it’s our company culture.  Every single person on the team donates time every week towards a cause that they believe in. Goodness tends to attract people with like values to one another. This is why the decision to partner with the Good Beginning was a no brainer for us at StopGoLove. 


A good story draws people together. Needless to say, we’re so super stoked to be partnering with such a great cause. It’s one of the first opportunities we’ve had to share our company values with our amazing couples. We think that’s pretty special. One of the biggest things that drew us into this collaboration with Beth and the team at The Good Beginning was the amount of great causes they had linked arms with. Whatever a couple is passionate about and believes in, they have an opportunity to make the beginning of this new life together count. Couples can make the world a better place to live in!


This holiday season we want to partner with our couples in donating $500 to the charity of their choice on every photo+film combo package booked. We can’t imagine a better opening chapter in our couples story or a better way for Stopgolove to give back after such an incredible 2016 season.

Season’s greetings from StopGoLove! May it truly be a time of love, joy, and giving for you and yours!”

If you’re an interested couple, visit to see the team’s work. To learn more about this special partnership, visit


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