With summer around the corner, let’s all vow to stay hydrated, while also supporting water for everyone, everywhere! That is the aim of WaterAid and we are honored to have them as a guest on our blog today! They are sharing 6 delicious water infusion recipes that you can try in conjunction with their wonderful glass fruit infuser water bottle. Enjoy!

We can’t wait to try all these new recipes soon!

(Cover photo: WaterAid/ Tom Greenwood)

There are many benefits to drinking more water. Staying hydrated helps maintain a healthy weight, illuminates your skin and boosts your energy levels. You can increase your water intake by adding fruit and herbs to your drink. Not only will you impart a ton of flavor, but you will also avoid extra calories. So if you are looking for an easy way to look great before a big event, drinking more water can be an easy way to achieve your goals! Hailing from North Africa to Nepal, the NYC-based WaterAid team brings you their favorite infused water recipes inspired by their home countries using the quirky Cupanion water bottle. Each Cupanion sold in their online store will help WaterAid in their efforts to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to clean water by 2030.

1. Polish refresher Apple + Mint Leaves

Cut half an apple into cubes. Use half of the cubed apples for first layer. Fill middle layer with mint leaves before topping off with the other half of cubed apples.

2. Moroccan mint infusion Lemon Verbena + Sugarcane Sticks + Mint

Layer mint leaves. Add 2 sugarcane sticks, cubed and lemon verbena leaves.

3. Russian berry infusion Raspberries + Cranberries + Currants + Apples

Cube 1/2 of a medium-sized apple. Add cranberries, currants, and raspberries.

4. French spa Rosemary + Lemon

Cut in 3 lemon wedges, wrap with rosemary leaves.

5. Mexican pineapple Hot Pepper (sliced in half) + Pineapple leftovers (core, skin, etc)

Layer pineapple pieces. Add halved hot pepper.

6. Nepali sweet herbal infusion Lychee + Cardamom Pods + Anise Star

Add lychee and layer with cardamom pods and anise.

If you want to learn more about WaterAid you can check our their website and their shop here! You can buy their fruit-infusing water bottle here and check out all the fun recipes they suggested!

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