Conscious Entertaining AmbianceStyled & written by Jess Pucinnelli

Aside from the wedding planning, there will be lots and lots of parties from the moment the engagement is announced. Whether you’re super hands on in every celebration or your hosting an event for a socially conscious couple, I’ve put together a few tips to nail your hostess game and still shop consciously.

The Design

Mix old with new // Any wedding related celebration is the perfect opportunity to break out silverware you don’t use everyday.  But flatware can get expensive, and, it is not great for the carbon footprint on the environment to purchase new items that you will only use once or twice a year. Vintage flatware and glassware are a sustainable and affordable way to dress up the table, without being wasteful. It will take some treasure hunting (isn’t that half the fun?!), but most local thrift stores carry these types of items.


Pro tip: If you don’t have any luck in town, check eBay as a resource. 

Elevate your table setting // An obvious way to elevate the table and be responsible is by ditching paper napkins for block printed, cotton napkins. We used The Riya Set as a subtle way to carry out the table design and color story, without being to fussy. They pair perfectly with The Cilla Plate, a pistachio glazed ceramic. By supporting artisan women through your purchases, you can feel good about sitting down to the table with your guests. To see more ethical table setting options, head to Local + Lejos.jess dinner items Fair trade florals // If doing you’re own flowers, be conscious about the flowers you are buying, as a significant amount of the flower market is filled with toxic pesticides and unfair labor practices. Whole Foods offers The Whole Trade Guarantee, which signifies their commitment to ethical trade, fair wages and sound environmental practices throughout the flower farming process. Save money by buying one bundle and splitting the arrangement into 3 or 4 small vases. Scatter throughout the table. And, if you’re hiring a florist, don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions about where their flowers come from and how they’re processed.peartablescape

Pro tip: Peek around your backyard & neighborhood to see if there are greens you can use in your arrangements  (olive branches and herbs make beautiful touches)

Come back next week when I’ll be sharing a few of our favorite recipes to help make your gathering that much more delicious.





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