5 Tips For A Sustainable Wedding

By Mitali Chhajed of Eco Right

When we talk about green weddings we don’t mean the bride walking down the aisle in an organic biodegradable paper dress. Nor do we hint on low-flow toilets. Or bargaining on the lavishness and extravagance of your one special day.

Sustainable weddings are the new trend of recent times, thanks to eco-conscious people understanding their responsibility towards the environment. The idea of a green wedding can be as appealing as that of a normal one. And contrary to popular beliefs, a sustainable wedding does not require sacrificing your budget. It, in fact, costs you much less than a conventional wedding.


The venue sets the stage for your dreamy affair. That’s why we recommend a daytime outdoor wedding. What’s better than exchanging vows on a balmy day besides nature and a splendid sun overhead? By getting married outdoors, you can save majorly on energy. If you are getting married in a refurbished barn, you can try vintage themes. Hilltops and botanical gardens are perfect settings for a sustainable wedding. You can alternatively look for hotels that use energy saving appliances, green decor and biodegradable products.


Yes, you guessed it right. Instead of sending our paper invites, switch to e-invites. E-invites largely cuts down on both the wastage and costs. Millions of trees are cut down every year to make paper products. Or you can lookout for vendors that offer services like invites made of recycled paper, and vegetable-based inks.


The decor is the deal-breaker in any event. But what’s pleasing to the eye might not always be pleasing to nature. Instead of going for plastic flowers and artifacts, you can use real flowers grown organically without any chemicals. Shop from local florists to cut down on the cost and fuel used in the transportation of the decor. Another eco-friendly option is to choose potted flowering plants as centerpieces, that can be taken home or given away as wedding favors to guests.

Eco-friendly wedding favors

Since we are talking about weddings, eco-friendly wedding favors make for great thank you gifts to your friends and relatives. This way, you are not only embracing a sustainable wedding but also inspiring your guests to go green. We are looking at some of the best green gifting ideas with EcoRight. You can hand out seeds or plant saplings in gold foil drawstring bags from EcoRight. Or you can get them customized with your theme. These bags are ethically manufactured in SEDEX audited facilities and the fabrics used are biodegradable and eco-friendly. The drawstring bags can be a fond remembrance of your special day long after your wedding is over when your guests use them for storing jewelry or other items.

Personalized wedding favors


If you are looking out for organic produce, it can get slightly heavy on your budget. Instead, try sourcing locally-produced, farm fresh raw veggies and fruits that are in season. These will cost you much less and taste best. When bought directly from growers you are supporting small businesses, local farmers and doing good to the Earth by avoiding travel, storage, and refrigeration costs. Similarly, get bakery items from your neighborhood bakery for cake and other sweets.

There’s now an eco-friendly option for just about everything you might normally need in your wedding celebrations. Opt for a sustainable wedding and go kind on nature and your surroundings.

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