5 Big Wedding Ideas You Should Get In On This Season

With fall comes cool, crisp weather and gorgeous greenery, which is the perfect recipe for a seasonal wedding. Autumn not only sets a pretty scene, but its earthy color schemes also make for beautiful paper goods and fashions. When you are trying to decide when you want to celebrate your big day, you cannot go wrong with fall. We have listed five big wedding ideas that we think you should get in on this season. Let’s get started!

1. New Age Bohemian

There something really charming about a barn wedding. Whether it is an old barn or one that has been newly built, a barn wedding is filled with charm. For the past seasons, the rustic look is being flavored with DIY-style floral arrangements and casual food. For 2018 fall, bohemian will be the new rustic. It is a look that is somewhat relaxed and at the same time a bit more elevated than the down-home rustic feel.

2. Fall Foliage

A garden wedding looks romantic, and fresh flowers make all the difference. For people who love flowers, this is for them. Transforming aisles into garden beds will look extremely beautiful by using potted plants in your ceremony décor. You can wrap the pots in silk fabrics to hide the pot and create a beautiful look that will blend with the natural environment and will be pleasing to the eye. Plus, potted plants are a much more sustainable option when it comes to decorating your day! 

3. Deep Hues And Black Accents

When we talk about the colors on a wedding, Light and airy colors, including blush, peach, and mint, have been popular for a while. When it comes to 2018 fall weddings, a slightly deeper color palette is what will look trendy. More vibrant and more dramatic hues like burgundy and edgy black accents will look amazing in the floral arrangement. Gold and copper also have been in demand for some time now, and we will maybe start to see a little more silver and chrome as well.

4. Lighting

Lighting at a wedding is the most critical detail and makes all the difference. Your wedding lighting demands not only your attention but an attention to detail as well. You can create a combination of hanging bulbs, large and small, and wrap the lengths of stringed lights around trees. Glass candles can be decorated with glittered rims that will give off a soft glow. Put amber candles on the tables to give off a warmer glow, creating a romantic autumnal ambiance.

5. Ruffled Cakes

If you want to rock a rustic look for your wedding cake which also gives off traditional vibes, then ruffled cakes will offer the best blend of both. With ivory icing and classic flowers will give off the perfect relaxed, ruffle effect.

Fall in love with these wedding ideas and make your event more beautiful and memorable. Want more? 

photo credit: Alexandra Grace Photography | Carlo Weiss | Ashley Cook Photography | Nicole Berrett Photography | Susie Marie Photography

About the Author || Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. She regularly posts at Green Light Booking.

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