We get it. Every year is the same old song. We buy a few gifts early and think to ourselves, “I got you, Christmas.” And then before we know it there are a few stragglers left on our list to buy for and there are officially 4 days left till it’s “go time.” 

As a conscious consumer you try your best to stick with your new found ethical habits but part of you wants to make it easy and just run to the nearest store and grab whatever you find.

Before you do that, here are some last-minute gifts.

Conscious companies, do-good brands, fair-trade and ethical shops play like the big box brands and they too are trying to make it convenient for the consumer by having online gift cards. You purchase the gift cards online and then it gets emailed to you immediately. So, before you revert to your old ways in just going to the usual places, check out the websites of the conscious shops you’ve discovered.

Now we all know anything handmade is always thoughtful and sentimental because of the time and thought behind it but because it’s last minute, time may not be on your side. However, you can put together a thoughtful voucher in no time. Using your home computer or your art skills you can print or make a cute voucher. Now let’s not get grade school and print out vouchers for free hugs or anything like that but some real things you will treat them in the future.

For example, the friend that has little ones and needs a night off: Print out a pic of her kids from her social media page and write on it “Voucher for a night off from these boogers,” and then babysit her kids for her.

Or that hostess you just remembered you need to get something for you can print out this poem and show up with flowers and this in your hand.


You are the hostess with the mostess

Never ending drinks and delicious food

Guests laughing and enjoying -oh what a joyful mood

Pretty lights and warmth in the air

Every detail you put with so much care

A wonderful party you know how to throw

My appreciation for you continues to grow

You are the hostess with the mostess.


And we totally promise that we won’t tell you didn’t write it.

Still looking for a little something extra? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to give back during the most wonderful time of the year.

SHOP (RED) WITH AMAZON – YES, there’s still time!

OPERATION GRATITUDE: – writing a letter costs nothing at all, but means a whole lot.

GIVE BACK BOX – give a box to someone in need

GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK – the perfect roundup from Lauren Conrad

So, what do you say to last minute gifts? “I got you, Christmas.

This post was written by Claire Pettibone of Simply B! Her business is dedicated to making your life simply better while being fun and stylish along the way. Stay tuned for future postings from Claire that are made for conscious couples just like you!

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