Written by Jess Puccinelli

A series of fortunate events landed us the opportunity to work with bride, now newlywed Kedist! I’m thrilled to share the details behind her gorgeous gifts and thankful for the uber talented Adriana Klas who couldn’t have done a better job documenting this day!

Kedist has forever embodied a timeless, natural and effortless sense of style. Her Ethiopian background means she’s drawn to linens and leather, has a taste that is both worldly and wonderfully preppy – the latter being a byproduct of her St. Louis upbringing.

With that said, when Kedist chose to work with us I was thrilled to be able to bring her strong sense of culture, heart for others and aesthetic into something her dearests could touch, feel and experience in the ultimate moment of gratitude.

Kedist’s desire was to positively impact the country of Ethiopia while giving gifts that her friends would love, appreciate and hold on to for years to come.

A beautiful scarf is a staple in her wardrobe (no matter the season) and we agreed that it would be the perfect throw-on as the sun set over the day’s festivities. FashionABLE’s selection was the perfect fit. Each girl received a scarf to fit their aesthetic. What I love is that each scarf is also named after the Ethiopian woman who lovingly made it – bridging the gap in a most special way.

The Fortuned Culture leather bracelet had the most vibrant red color, and a lovely engraved pendant clasp with the Ethiopian symbol for love. It’s casually cool, and provides six months of salary for a teacher in Ethiopia. Too perfect right? Oh, and I couldn’t help but to top it off with one of our LOVE postcard sets.


Design wise – I created a mood board of dreamy neutrals, olive branches, fine (recycled) papers, soft woods and full florals. A long olive branch accompanied by springs of lavender, was enveloped on the very top of the box by thin leather cord. A handwritten linen name tag, and a personalized card welcomed each bridesmaid to their present. I got to work with my good friend and illustrator Kaitlin Cullum to customize a drawing of Triunfo Creek Vineyards, the couple’s picturesque wedding venue – for the top of each card.

tumblr_inline_nsb9xwTHbG1smta4q_500 tumblr_inline_nsbaaxowYZ1smta4q_500-2 For more on Kedist’s elegant yet winsome wedding (and adorable hubby) check out her feature in Green Wedding Shoes!



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