“She had never been fought for before, and I had the incredible opportunity to win her heart in this way! I gave her this key (CHOSEN) with a commitment to always choose her, in and out of seasons, in times of joy and in times of frustration. ‘You know that you’re in love, when you choose love, when you don’t feel in love.’” —Donta Nelson

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If you know me, you know how much I just love The Giving Keys. My dear friends and The Good Beginning contributors, Brian & Johanna Tropiano, gave me my first key and ever since it’s been my gift of choice. I gave “Dreamer” to a dear friend who had just moved to Los Angeles from Oklahoma to pursue her dreams. “Inspire” to someone I love who’s perseverance inspired me as he created and released his first feature film and “Let Go” to my best girlfriend who was struggling with this thing we call life. To say I love them, is an understatement. And I love them not only because the of the beautiful design and symbolism, but for what they stand for. Every product at The Giving Keys is made in Los Angeles by people fighting homelessness. Not only do the profits impact the cause of fighting poverty, but they actually provide livelihood and dignity by giving jobs to the very people they are trying to help.


With your choice of inscriptions from Love, Believe, Breathe, Faith, Dream, Inspire and even the option to create a custom necklace, I find these to be the perfect gift for groomsmen, bridesmaids or even your sweetie for Valentine’s Day.

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