H.E.A.L. Healthcare, Empowerment, Advocacy, Learning

As we seek to give back through wedding registries with The Good Beginning, not only do we love supporting strong organizations that have been around for a long time, but we also love brining awareness and support to younger organizations. H.E.A.L. is one such organization. H.E.A.L. is an organization serving Haiti that is focused on Healthcare, Empowerment, Advocacy, and Learning.

We recently sat down with H.E.A.L. and they shared a bit more about their mission and how they are going about making it a reality. heal-on-the-good-beginning-2

“Here at H.E.A.L. we believe that our basic human obligation is to care for 100% of our planet, not just the privileged. As physicians, we have a duty to help those suffering and no one suffers more than those who languish in poverty. H.E.A.L. strives to bring quality health care, dignity, strength, knowledge and power to the places that the rest of the world seems to have ignored.”


“H.E.A.L. has two missions.  First is to bring primary health care to people who are impoverished.  The second mission is to share with medical students the joy and rewards of providing medicine in impoverished regions.


H.E.A.L. has adopted the Haitian mountain village Musotte. Residents are farmers, merchants, hard workers who do not have reliable access to clean water, food, education and healthcare.  When we travel to the village we bring western medications for common ailments; antibiotics, blood pressure medications, treatment for worms and H.Pylori and over the counter medications for aches and pains.


We provide pediatric care, cervical cancer screening and onsite treatment, adult and elder care. The medical student experience is hands, a huge growth in their clinical skills, organizational skills and learn empathy by getting to know the people of this lovely village.    


Our loftier goal is to help Musotte build a permanent year round clinic that is run by doctors and members of the community.  This project is just getting off the ground and we are looking for funding for this goal this year.”

If you are interested in supporting H.E.A.L. through your registry with The Good Beginning you can do so here.



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