12657265_1017768688262495_4604006687375150616_o-2There is so much I love about this initiative, I can’t even stand it. State Bags and The Giving Keys, team up each year to create an event that pampers women transitioning out of homelessness. A celebration, a manicure, getting your hair done and so much more. Something that helped these women feel shiny again. As a woman just facing every day, same ole, same ole sort of situations {work mishaps, relationship issues, not having enough time to figure it all out and not knowing even where to begin} sometimes it’s so so hard to feel shiny. It’s almost a quintessential need of every woman, at least the ones in my circle. I love so much that State Bags recognized this need and found a way to take women in some of their darkest moments and bring them dignity, light and a little bit of shine.

And, If homelessness and rebuilding lives is a cause worth fighting for your in your opinion, consider registering for any of the organizations listed here, or let us know what organization you’d like to support and we’ll get them on the site asap. Enjoy the video!


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