Minimalist wedding details are HOT right now and we are totally feeling that less is more vibe. Because let’s be honest, the focus should be on your love as a couple instead of hidden behind that giant centerpiece or buried under those seven layers of tulle on your dress. But, we get it, as a bride there are certain aspects of your wedding that you want to stand out – like the stunning floral backdrop that you just HAVE to have or the extravagant photobooth set-up to make long-lasting memories. Remember: just because you are choosing to go with minimalist details, doesn’t mean that you can’t put your own personal touch on your big day. Here are 5 inspiring ways you can incorporate the minimalist trend into your own wedding style.


Say YES to a fair-trade wedding dress! We’ve had a crush on Celia Grace for as long as we can remember and that’s definitely not going to change anytime soon. The delicate details in her designs will certainly turn heads when you walk down the aisle. Plus, they donate a school uniform to a child in need in Cambodia for each dress sold through a local nonprofit partner. How cool is that?!


We are HUGE fans of DIY decor and this garland from Design Love Fest is simply stunning. Sometimes it really is the little things that make a beautiful ceremony. You can use this garland for your escort cards, to hang your favors or even display your wedding menu. By creating a day that is all about you, the options truly are endless.


Doesn’t picking all your own wedding flowers seem kind of fun? Just imagine frolicking through a field of wild flowers on the morning of your wedding day, handpicking your favorites to add to your bouquet. It’s no secret that the cost of wedding flowers really adds up and then there’s the question of what to do with them after the event. By picking your own flowers or carrying single stems, you’ll be cutting back on both the cost and waste while still looking fabulous.

4 | CAKE

We’re not going to say that dessert is the MOST important part of your wedding, but it’s pretty high up there. If you have a baker or a wannabe baker in your family then now is the time to start sucking up to them and telling them how much you *love* their signature recipes. A homemade cake on your wedding day is the perfect way to get exactly what you want without having to deal with a 6-tiered buttercream cake that will undoubtedly go to waste. Even better, have a mini bake-off where your favorite family bakers each bring a pie to create a dessert table with options. Everyone loves option!


There is a lot that goes into setting the scene for your reception dinner; the menu planning, the seating charts, the type of dinner service. By choosing a minimalist table setting, your guests will be able to enjoy their food without being too overwhelmed by which utensil to use for what. You can keep it classy by choosing a color scheme that matches your wedding colors and really only decorating the table with the bare essentials.

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