Wedding Ceremony Details That Wow

Written by Naomi, Editor in Chief at Rockay

Just starting to plan your big day? Or are you only looking for a few final touches to add to your venue and look? Well, no matter why you’re here, you will find just what you’re looking for. Here are a few amazing ideas that will bring your venue to life and make your bridal look unique and picture-perfect. 

Use chalkboard for entrance decoration

Want to spruce up your entrance or add some charm to your cocktail bar? Grab a big chalkboard frame and scribble down some nice massages or your cocktail menu. Finish the look with some garlands and chalk away! 

Decorate your ceilings 

You don’t like the look of your flooring? Well, there’s a neat little trick that will make all your guests look up—decorating your ceiling. If you’re aiming for a very formal and elegant look, you can grab some white fabric and drape it over your ceiling. For a more quirky approach, choose a boldly-colored fabric. In case you want your wedding to have a very natural, eco-friendly and green vibe, you can try suspending flower arrangements above the tables. This will not only brighten up space but also create a more intimate feeling.  

Opt for an unusual bouquet

Classics are classics for a reason, but you can also put a little twist on your bridal bouquet and opt for one decorated with feathers, origami or fabric. Or if you’re tired of roses and anemones, you can spice things up with succulents, dried wildflowers, and some light and flowing ferns. These will definitely attract attention and make some amazing wedding photos that will grace your photo album forever. 

Add a few gorgeous touches to your look

Of course, you want your venue to look amazing, but what about you? Attract some extra attention with a few pretty accessories. Jewelry is always a good idea, as long as you go minimalistic and elegant. When you choose right, it’s amazing what one piece of jewelry can do to your overall look. And make your ring the center of attention. For winter weddings, it’s best to choose something reminiscent of ice, so think brilliant white gemstones or raw crystals. 

Be creative with table numbers

If you want to be original with your seating arrangement, you can consider spicing up your table number presentation. Instead of regular cards, you can display numbers on wine bottles, little festive flags or wooden blocks. 

Decorate with colored glassware 

Many couples get a headache when they hear how much money will go on flower centerpieces. Instead of splurging on this single detail, you can go easy with flowers and direct your money somewhere else. For instance, rent colored glassware and it will make your table décor pop instantly. 

Shine some light on your initials 

Are you dreaming of a fun, festive and quirky wedding where everyone is dancing and having a blast? Well, you can make the atmosphere even more unique by getting big light-up monogram decoration for your venue. For an industrial look, you can go with exposed Edison bulbs or opt for a wooden finish for that cozy barn feel. And, you can bring these home and use as décor and lighting for your chic living room. 

Brag about your families

Want to encourage people to meet and chat? Add a wall of family wedding photos. Mix all family photos together and let people compare different generations and remember their big days. Or, you can showcase your family trees with all your relatives represented. This will surely get people to meet, chat and bless the joining of the two families. 

These additions to your look and your venue will make your wedding stand out and truly be the best and happiest day of your life. And the photos will be truly breathtaking—your Instagram will blow up!

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