One Hope Wine just added Rose to their collection, a Reserve Cotes De Provence Rose, to be exact . Whoot whoot. If you don’t know of One Hope Wine, you’re missing out. We covered them in more detail here, but this little label is changing the world one glass at a time. With a huge percentage of their profits funding many charitable initiatives, to date, their foundation has fed 1,592,189 meals to children in poverty, provided 95,161 with life changing medications, provided clean drinking water to 42,238 and so much more. You can read all of their very impressive stats here. Oh yeah, and it’s delicious to boot. So, obviously, rose can just be enjoyed straight up, but also, if you’ve been around for even half a second, you probably have heard of F’rose , which is the perfect summer drink. And if you’re in need of the perfect recipe, you’re in luck, as we snagged this one straight from One Hope’s personal recipe collection.

This little mixture will take about 15 minutes to prepare and makes 4 glasses, which you can share or hoard all to yourself.


1 Bottle of One Hope Rose

3 oz. of Simple Syrup

3 oz. of Fresh Lemon Juice

3 oz. of Limoncello

4 slices of Lemon


1 // Freeze the Rose into cubes overnight using a normal ice cube tray.

2 // Blend the Rose cubes with simple syrup, lemon juice and limoncello until smooth and slushy.

3 // Pour into glasses, garnish with lemon twists and enjoy!

That’s it! If you have anything you love to create with One Hope or any other do gooding booze out there, we’d love to share it. Send to



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