Yesterday’s post from Jessica on entertaining made me so so hungry. So much so that I couldn’t help share a few of my favorite cookbooks for those soon-to-be newlyweds out there hoping to create a socially conscious kitchen. Each of these are filled with seasonal, cultural and sustainable foods and tips on how to design a beautiful menu that’s good for all involved.

ROOT TO LEAF : A SOUTHERN CHEF COOKS THROUGH THE SEASONS // Chef Steven Satterfield creates simple recipes that make use of the whole plant.

SUMMERLAND : RECIPES FOR CELEBRATING SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY // Chef Anne Quatrano shares her recipes that celebrate the South, sustainable food and life on the farm.

PLENTY MORE // Chef Yatam Ottolenghi delves into the world of vegetarian food with 150 recipes that emphasize seasonality and unique flavors.

HERITAGE // Chef Sean Brock shares recipes and essays explaining his background and admiration for the flavors he cherishes from the Appalachia region.

THE BROAD FORK // Chef Hugh Acheson shares 200 recipes designed to make the most of your last trip to the Farmer’s Market providing ways to serve fresh produce all year long.

Apron, bowlwooden spoons and all books can be found on Alabama Chanin.


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