SweetTeaPhotography-38With yesterday’s discovery of so many delicious ways to give back, I couldn’t wait to share this little wine tasting party to inspire you to organize a lil of your own do gooding in the best possible way. This shindig was captured by Sweet Tea Photography is super easy to replicate. Here’s what you need:

LOTS OF WINE // This celebration featured One Hope, which we are a fan of around here, but you could use any of the varietals posted here. We recommend 2 to 3 reds, 2 to 3 whites and 1 sparkling for a bonus treat. Start the tasting with a tiny pour of each wine beginning with the lightest bodied wine and work your way through the fuller reds. SweetTeaPhotography-58WINE TAGS // If you don’t have dozens of wine glasses, and let’s be honest, why would you?!, we recommend creating wine tags so guests can keep their glass and rinse between each varietal. We just love these calligraphed tags, but there are hundreds of options out there. SweetTeaPhotography-62WATER // It goes without saying that you must keep your guests hydrated. Make it pretty with a beautiful canister presented with fresh herbs or sweet pots of plants. SweetTeaPhotography-8


ONE AMAZING CHARCUTERIE DISPLAY // Our very own, Jess Puccinelli, shared a few tips on creating the best cheese display a while back. Little nibbles of meats, cheeses, olives and bread make the perfect accompaniment for a wine tasting. SweetTeaPhotography-2


SIMPLE DECOR // Make the day extra pretty with a few potted blooms that either can be given away at the end of the party, or that you can keep for yourself and make your own garden that much more beautiful.SweetTeaPhotography-3

A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA // At a wine tasting party, the wine is really just meant, well for, tasting. You could serve that all night long, but for a little change up that still says within the same range, a refreshing Sangria made with some great sparkling can be the perfect touch.SweetTeaPhotography-43

SweetTeaPhotography-92I personally love this Sparkling Cantaloupe Sangria, modified from Luci’s Morsels recipe:

(serves 6-8)
1 1/2 Cups cantaloupe juice
2 Cups bite-sized cantaloupe pieces
1 bottle One Hope Sparkling
1/2-1 Cup gin or vodka
For cantaloupe juice, puree small chunks of very ripe cantaloupe in blender or food processor. 1 small cantaloupe should yield roughly 1 1/2 cups juice. Use two small or 1 large cantaloupe for recipe.
Combine cantaloupe juice, cantaloupe pieces, sparkling wine & alcohol in large pitcher. Refrigerate 3-5 hours. Serve chilled.
SweetTeaPhotography-97THE STATIONERY // Make the stationery pretty and be sure to get the word out that the wine they will be experiencing also changes the world. It will get guests that much more excited!SweetTeaPhotography-48THE TAKEAWAY // While it doesn’t have to be a bottle of wine, it makes perfect sense to send your guests home with their very own bottle of booze, especially when it just does everyone so much goodSweetTeaPhotography-29That’s it. A simple and beautiful way to give back and celebrate at the same time! If you have any great ideas or inspiration on how to entertain and do good at the same time, we’d love to hear them. Simple email us at













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