nataliedenyseWe are so thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with In Good Company Public Relations. Natalie Denyse is the newest member of The Good Beginning team and is going to be working her little tail off to help spread the word for The Good Beginning. As a true believer in the mission of The Good Beginning, we are so thrilled to have Natalie on the team. Natalie and I are actually kindred spirits as both of us were forever changed during our first visit to Bali. You can read about my story here, but Natalie’s path and perspective changed after she honeymooned in Indonesia, where she was initially just expecting a spiritual experience via her yoga mat. While on the island for two weeks, her husband and her were emotionally moved by each and every native they met, not because of their hospitality, but because of their generosity of spirit. Even those who had very little wanted to give them something be it a blessing, a flower or a prayer. It ignited in her and her husband a sense of social awareness that was new to both of them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.01.12 PM

PHOTOGRAPHY // Steve Steinhardt

When Natalie came across The Good Beginning and became educated on it’s mission, she was confident it’s message of awareness and philanthropy deserved to be shared. With The Good Beginning, Natalie realizes newlyweds will have an outlet to support the people and places that will undoubtedly fill their hearts with similar feelings of love and spiritual connections throughout their marriage, just like she experienced on her trip to Bali, Indonesia.


PHOTOGRAPHY // Steve Steinhardt

If you’d like to learn more about Natalie and her company, In Good Company Public Relations, you can do so by visiting her website, and of course, if you want to share more about The Good Beginning in a media outlet, do not hesitate to contact our new favorite public relations person via her email

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