Handcrafted Hairpins For Your Honeymoon

Have you ever imagined the perfect honeymoon accessory? It is simple, elegant, unique, but affordable…and it does its bit at helping our beautiful planet.

S A Y A Designs is dedicated to creating accessories for your hair with a story to tell. These hair sticks can be worn as alternatives to plastic and elastic and instead have more meaning and be worn like jewelry for special occasions – like your honeymoon.

So why S A Y A Designs? And more importantly hair sticks?

S A Y A is trying to tackle a very important issue: Deforestation. It is the root driver for many other problems we face on our earth these days. In order to fight against it, planting trees is one of the best opportunities to support our ecosystems. At the same time, other problems caused by climate change will be tackled: Soil erosion, environmental destruction, rising average temperature, low rainfall and increasing CO2 emissions.

S A Y A is working within the principles of a “circular economy”:

Recycle | Repurpose | Replenish

In order to understand how this works we will go through the production steps of a S A Y A hair stick:

The wood for the hair sticks is sourced in Indonesia. However, tropical hardwoods grow very slow and in low densities. The founder of S A Y A, Victoria, found artisans in Indonesia who dig out and recycle roots from abandoned plantations. Back on the beautiful island of Bali, those roots then get taken through the process of being cut down and hand carved into hair sticks – an object to be treasured and with a long tradition in many ancient cultures. The tropical surroundings of local flora and fauna gave the inspiration for the unique designs. Each design is named after its particular local flower or plant. Closing the loop of the “circular economy” for each hair stick which gets sold, up to 10 endangered tree species are planted through the organization GAIA in the neighbor island of Lombok. This NGO collaborates with local communities all across Indonesia in order to reforest national parks.

The name S A Y A means “I” and/or “mine” in Indonesian, depending on the sentence. Consequently S A Y A Designs means “my designs”. So the story continues continues with you, while wearing one of these hair sticks you will be wearing your design as you can become an ambassador for the rainforest and become creative with your hair by trying out the variety of stunning and unique new hair styles!

One of our favorites is the french twist or high bun, you can see more details and tutorials on our website. However the fundamental steps are: 1. Twist your hair into a high bun. 2. Keep twisting until it coils around into itself. 3. Using the end piece of hair, hold your bun as firmly or loosely as you like. 4 Use your hairpin to secure the bun, weaving it through multiple layers of hair until it feels firm. 5. Voila!

Click here to see their whole collection and find for yourself a design that will be suitable for you. You can also start by looking through here at all their style tutorials to see if this determines your choice! What better time than your honeymoon wear your hair up with pride and add that special touch to your wardrobe that you have been looking for. These hair sticks are your extra little something for your very special occasion!

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