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If you’re like a lot of couples, there is a ton of preparation that goes into looking your best for the big day. Maybe you’re starting personal training or working with a nutritionist. Maybe you’re thinking of having your teeth whitened and brows dyed. But even if none of the above, you are likely thinking about your skin. How can it get that wedding glow sans acne and fine lines. And, if you lead a conscious lifestyle, you have the added stress of finding products and services that are going to stay in line with that lifestyle. Don’t worry. We got you. Here’s just a few suggestions on how you can get wedding worthy skin and be good to the world at the same time:

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MAKEUP // Even if it’s just temporary switch, consider leaving your layers of foundations, powders and concealers behind and switch it out for a lightweight, tinted moisturizer. Consider it a detox for your skin, so to speak. We personally love Aveda’s inner light mineral tined moisturizer. No parabens, moisturizes all day and has a bit of SPF coverage.

SIMPLIFY YOUR AT HOME SKIN CARE // Ditch the 16 step morning routine and 18 step evening run around and simplify. Not only does your skin just not need that level of processing, but it also saves you money and so much time. A good cleanser, toner and moisturizer morning and night is all you need. A serum is also good for the ambitious. And then add an exfoliating mask into the mix once a week. Again we love Aveda for all of these products. Tried and true and this company does so much giving back that you can truly feel good about every penny spent.

GET FACIALS // While an investment, a facial every six weeks evens out your skin tone and is probably the biggest act you can do to ensure a smooth, dewy glow on your wedding day. When trying to ensure your ethical standards are in line, search for a holistic aesthetician and talk to them about your preferences and goals before scheduling your wedding ready program.


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