Today we are sharing 3 tip for wedding ready skin care! With so much energy dedicated to find your perfect wedding gown and dream wedding jewelry today we don’t want your gorgeous skin to get overlooked! Your wedding day is likely one of your most photographed days so you’ll want to be feeling absolutely fabulous about your skin.

For glowing, wedding ready skin products we love Jessica Alba’s company Honest Beauty. This division of The Honest Company creates luxurious and conscious cosmetics while maintaining transparent business practices. Honest Beauty is also admirably leading the charge in educating beautiful young women! Part of their dedication to social goodness includes a belief that education is a beautiful thing.

We believe in the power of technology to transform lives. That’s why Honest Beauty is committed to programs that inspire girls to be leaders in the field and contribute to the next generation of change.”

3 Tips for Wedding Ready Skin Care by The Good Beginning

Enjoy our skin care tips and notes on a few of Honest Beauty‘s conscious products!

Cleanse // It is important to cleanse the right way for your skin! A gel formula is gentle on your skin and the Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser contains Yucca root extract to give you a fresh and foamy experience, without harmful ingredients. 

Moisturize // All moisturizer are not created equal! When looking for the perfect moisturizer you want to find one that caters to your skin type. We love Honest Beauty’s Even Brighter Everyday Moisturizer because it contains soothing camomile and calendula. It also features great antioxidants, while helping to reduce dark spots! We’re glad this product is not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products. This moisturizer is certain to leave you glowing!

Rest // Fresh, alert, and well-rested is exactly how you want to look the morning of your wedding! What’s more, The Depuffed Eye Gel will do wonders to help you get there. 3 Tips for Wedding Ready Skin Care by The Good BeginningSome great tips directly from Honest Beauty


Lastly, as your get ready to jet set off to your honeymoon take a peek at Honest Beauty’s wonderful blog post 7 Beauty Staples You Should Never Fly Without!

3 Tips for Wedding Ready Skin Care by The Good Beginning

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