We are always on the look out for ways to make a difference with your sweet love, but I have to say, almost every single day, I’m blown away by the companies that are out there making it easy to give back. Do Amore is one of those companies. Not only do they offer the most beautiful options of engagement rings, wedding bands and more, but they ensure every diamond used is conflict free. But there is more. So much more. For every ring purchased, you are providing clean water for two people for the rest of their life!!! Just take a look at these little beauties. And if you don’t love what you see in their existing designs, they offer the option to custom design your own ring.


We obviously love this so much for a million reasons, but mainly because I can’t think of a better symbol of love than one that is not only designed for you as recognition of the commitment your making, but you can also know it represents a diamond that was secured non violently and changes lives in an amazing way at the same time.
do-amore-ring-4-537x402Head on over to Do Amore to learn so much more about their work and how they are making huge impacts out of love and marriage.



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