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Being born raised in Los Angeles’s suburbs and navigating the Greater Los Angeles Area today, I am well immersed in our severe case of urban sprawl (AKA urban planning’s prime case study of what not to do). Naturally, like many others, I’ve nurtured a strong love-hate relationship with Los Angeles. We can’t get enough of our weather, social media, embracing diversity and its many tasty eats, avocados, day tripping, and more sunshine. All the good stuff makes it easy to ignore a drought, how disconnected we are, normalize earthquakes and wildfires, and spend more time in traffic than most humans ever will.

With 13 million residents who never want to move out and more residents moving in, each defining LA’s lovable livelihood and overwhelming consumption. One of the biggest environmental challenges we face today is securing water, a basic resource, for all 13 million of us. The existing infrastructure built to prevent floods and secure water is no longer sufficient. Despite El Nino’s promising rainfall to fill our reservoirs and revive the LA (concrete) River temporarily, it’s crucial to take the steps towards more efficiency.
At the forefront of securing water and creating a resourceful environment for us to continue thriving in the future, is TreePeople. By leading Los Angeles in green infrastructure, TreePeople is not only solving critical issues, but also planting the seeds (literally) for watershed restoration to build a sustainable, more regenerative, climate-resilient future.
Here’s my list of why I’ve got mad love for TreePeople:
1. ACTION. Going beyond dollars – it’s easy, accessible, and fun to get down and dirty with TreePeople. Physically being present, participating with your time and labor of love, and being socially involved is incredibly satisfying and productive. Check out their Calendar!
2. GRASSROOTS PROGRAMS. TreePeople successfully roots into Los Angeles’s livelihood by inspiring individuals to take action, educating, and uniting with communities at homes, neighborhoods, and schools through multiple effective programs and workshops.
3. PARTNERSHIP. TreePeople is recognized by and is in partnership with governments at city, state, federal, and international levels to help create plans and policies.
4. SAVING THE WORLD. Benefiting humans and ecosystems, one tree at a time. Here’s how.
5. VENUE. TreePeople has evolved to more than a public park, conference center, and education center. You can host your special event at their beautiful property while supporting TreePeople and all they do.
6. ‘ONCE UPON A CANYON NIGHT’. One of my favorites, TreePeople hosts a summer entertainment series of poetry, comics, music, staged readings, and shows nestled in the woods, under the stars.
7. MOONLIGHT HIKES. They host guided hikes after dark to experience LA like never before – howling at the moon welcomed!
8. DEDICATE A TREE. Gift a gift that gives. And gives. TreePeople brings you the ability to dedicate a tree to honor or in memory of someone special.
9. TREE MAPPING. If you’re a map-lover like me, a visual learner, or simply want to understand and track all the positive impact, you’ll appreciate this map.
10. CREDIBILITY. TreePeople is rated by Charity Navigator with four out of four stars for Accountability and Transparency. You’re donation, whether in participation or dollars, is definitely doing what they say it’s doing.
A nonprofit that aligns efforts between the individual and community, the people and government, design and engineering, the arts and sciences, in feasible and sustainable methods to save the world and have fun?! What’s not to love?! My love forTreePeople is the kind that brings peace to mind when mourning for the Earth and hope for humanity, while igniting inspired action to continue to love over fear. Simply put, TreePeople are my kind of People!
If you’d like to consider registering for donations to TreePeople, you can learn so much more by clicking here.




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