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Feel Beautiful Today (FBT)

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Feel Beautiful Today (FBT)

Founded in 2010, Feel Beautiful Today (FBT) exists to help transform oncology patients’ journeys by encouraging their thoughts toward a more positive and healing perspective through creative art experiences. Biviana “Bivi” Franco, FBT’s founder and CEO, experienced firsthand the emotional and physical impact of cancer when two close friends were diagnosed with the disease. Birthed from a desire to humanize the cancer experience for patients, their caregivers, and the medical staff, FBT’s mission fueled the creation of multiple innovative Arts in Health programs. Over the years, FBT has established itself as a partner with cancer patients and medical staff alike with feedback consisting of a 5/5 rating 99% of the time. Because the local and healthcare community recognize the benefits of treating the whole patient: body, mind, and spirit, FBT has been able to serve over 11,000 patients in 13 cancer centers and hospitals in metro Atlanta.

With art still the vehicle and hope still the purpose, FBT now looks forward to transitioning to a more digital presence in hospitals as Covid-19 transforms the way we do life. Several of the 10 existing programs are finding new life on an online platform as FBT seeks to continue being present in the healthcare industry and cancer patients’ lives. FBT is constantly seeking to grow in excellence and relies on innovation fueled by compassion to continue bringing essential Arts in Health programs to those affected by cancer.


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