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The HOME Project

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The HOME Project

The HOME Project is an internationally funded non-profit organization set up to address the needs of refugee children who arrive in Greece alone. We rescue children from the streets, camps, police stations, detention centres and welcome them in the safety of our HOMES in Athens. Our ultimate aim is to empower these children to persevere and grow into active citizens.


At The HOME Project we:

Recreate HOMES, offering stability and a place to return to after children become young adults
Offer a HOLISTIC NETWORK OF CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES. We design an INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN providing for every child’s needs, including physical and mental health, educational, social, pedagogical and legal support
Create JOBS for both the Greek and the refugee community
ADD VALUE to the local economy by renting and transforming vacant buildings into renovated Homes of active community members
Since 2016 we have grown to operate 14 shelters with a capacity of 270 children, have supported more than 950 unaccompanied children, and we have created 170 jobs.


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