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Pacific Links Foundation

Our mission is to support the sustainable development of Vietnamese communities and the enrichment of their cultural heritage.

Pacific Links Foundation has 20+ years of experience in empowering women and youth. We empower women and youth through improving life skills, raising self-awareness, bringing new knowledge and opening opportunities and supportive networks. Our Education portfolio empowers disadvantaged youth to access education and increase economic opportunities. Our Modern Slavery Prevention portfolio invests comprehensively in at-risk youths to prevent trafficking and in survivors to help them build new lives.

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Tongva Tarax at Paxaavxa Land Conservancy

The Tongva people have been in Los Angeles County for thousands of years. However, we have not had access to land since colonization. The Tongva Taraxat Paxaava Conservancy, which roughly translates to “the people’s land” is the very first plot of land returned to the original people of Los Angeles.

For generations we have been pushed out of Los Angeles by high rent, we have had to ask permission to have traditional gathering relationship with our plant relatives, and we have had to pay fees to hold ceremony and space inside of our own ancestral lands. The Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Land Conservancy will help begin the healing process we need by giving tribal community members access to free housing on their native land, give access to gathering without permission from outsiders, and a space to have community time and ceremonies in privacy.

Our vision is to rematreate the land to California native plants and Tongva people. We are and will continue to be run by Tongva people.

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Theodore Payne Foundation

Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants is a force for change in Southern California. While we preserve the legacy and carry on the work of Theodore Payne — a pioneering Los Angeles nurseryman, horticulturist, and educator who was passionate about the native plants of California — our goal is to transform our region into sustainable, healthy communities. We do this by educating all people about the role native plants play in the local ecology, their place in our gardens, and how everyone can take part in making Southern California more life sustaining.

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Jews United for Justice

Jews United for Justice mobilizes Jews and the Jewish community to move our region closer to social, racial, and economic justice by advancing campaigns for immediate and concrete improvements in people’s lives. Through these campaigns we develop leaders, build our base, shift the consciousness of our community, and alter relations of power. In all cases, we seek to work in partnership with organizations made up of and/or accountable to those who have personal experience with the challenges we are hoping to address. We have helped win higher minimum wages, paid family leave, police accountability, affordable housing, and many other progressive policies. We continue to move resources and power into the hands of people of color who have been systematically blocked out of the political process to benefit the ultra-wealthy and their interests. To power our advocacy efforts, we build a Jewish community that is dedicated to pursuing justice, understands the key issues in our region, and that has the tools and skills to make change.

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The Miracle League Of Montgomery County Maryland

There is something about playing baseball that lights up a youngster’s eyes. Sadly, for children with physical or mental challenges, that opportunity can often be a difficult or impossible experience. The Miracle League of Montgomery County (a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization) was formed by the Kiwanis Club of Bethesda to give these children the opportunity to play baseball as a team member in an organized league.

The Miracle League gives ALL children the opportunity to get out in the sunshine, and enjoy playing the game of baseball in its purest form. It is the first of its kind in Maryland, and serves children in the regional DMV, including Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Frederick County, DC, and Northern Virginia.

Our Mission
Provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play Miracle League baseball, regardless of their abilities and their financial circumstances.
Promote community support and sponsorship of a Miracle League.
Promote the construction of special facilities that meet the unique needs of Miracle League players and families.

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Casa Marianella

Casa Marianella welcomes displaced immigrants and promotes self-sufficiency by providing shelter and support services.

Our ultimate vision is that all immigrants arriving in Austin will have safe housing and access to the services they need to be successful.

Two clusters of shelters in renovated houses in residential neighborhoods in East Austin serve women and children escaping violence and adult immigrants. Our shelters are home-like facilities designed to meet emergency or transitional needs so vulnerable and injured people can resolve their immediate crisis, get stabilized and once again become independent, which then opens up space for new residents. In 29 years, our population has evolved from survivors of the Salvadoran war to asylum seeking refugees and other immigrants from over 40 countries.
Casa Marianella is the only homeless shelter in Austin dedicated solely to immigrants. 65% of our shelter residents, including children, are asylum seekers, many coming to us from immigration detention.

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Texas Jail Project

The mission of Texas Jail Project is to empower incarcerated people in county jails by lifting their voices through stories, testimonies, and community building. We hold jails as well as the entire criminal punishment system accountable—informing the public and lawmakers about civil rights violations, structural racism, and the punitive attitudes underlying the mistreatment and medical neglect inside Texas county jails.

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