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Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together. Our objective is to provide all children with a strong foundation; cognitively, socially, and emotionally, giving them the best possible start to life and leveling the playing field for all children. The Reach Out and Read program begins in infancy and continues through age five, with a special emphasis on children growing up in low-income communities.


Free Lunch

Free Lunch is meal support program and magazine run by Jazz Mills, Carrie Fussell Bickley, and Jade Skye Hammer. Our main focus is on the health of those who are experiencing homelessness in our community. If we want to successfully support them, we have to provide them with nutrients. It’s not just about eating; they need nourishment. Cultivating relationships with local chefs and farms has enabled us to deliver meals with the highest quality of ingredients while also ensuring that their surplus product does not go to waste.

Human Rights

Refuge International

Most rural communities in Guatemala lack life’s basic necessities, such as clean, running water and access to healthcare and education. For children growing up in these areas, the future is often bleak but it doesn’t have to be. Refuge International is fighting to change this reality and invites you to be a part of our mission.


SPCA of East Texas

The MISSION of the SPCA of East Texas is to improve the lives of animals, alleviate their suffering and elevate their status in society.


Homes for our Troops

Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a publicly funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. Most of these Veterans have sustained injuries including multiple limb amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Texas Fallen Officer Foundation

The Texas Fallen Officer Foundation is a nonprofit organization and shall be operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meanings of §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and as amended. The Texas Fallen Officer Foundation will provide aid and assistance to officers and the families of police and other law enforcement officers killed or critically injured in the line-of-duty throughout the State of Texas.

Poverty & Hunger

Capital Area Food Bank

The Capital Area Food Bank is the anchor of the hunger relief infrastructure in our region, providing more than 45 million meals to people in communities across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.


Camp Tel Yehudah

Since 1948, Tel Yehudah has been the summer home of tens of thousands of Jewish teens from across the United States and around the world. As Young Judaea’s national teen leadership camp, each summer we create a diverse and warm teen community dedicated to building lasting friendships, exploring our identities and beliefs, changing the world and, of course, having fun.

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